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Steve and Michael Kessner, veterans of the NYC metropolitan area real estate industry with combined nearly 50 years of experience, have recently formed K5 Equities. K5 Equities is a multi-functional, family-based real estate investment company that focuses on acquiring, managing, adding value and repositioning various classes of real estate assets. Since 1981, Steve Kessner (and in more recent years Michael and Steve together) has delivered out-sized financial returns and has either sold or currently owns properties valued in aggregate at nearly $1 Billion. K5 Equities and affiliate partners provide asset management, property management, construction management and brokerage services.
Since 1981, Steve Kessner (and more recently Michael Kessner along with Steve) has earned a reputation for accurately timing the market. The sale of the East Harlem Portfolio in 2007 is deemed by industry insiders as one of the cyclical high-water marks for that period.  
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