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Steven Kessner and K5 Equities Investment Strategy

Sensing that New York City real estate was reaching a cyclical peak, the principals of K5 Equities, including Steve Kessner and Michael Kessner, recently adopted a two-pronged approach to investing. First by focusing on properties in New York City that provide ready opportunities to add value through upgrades within the confines of the market, and second by expanding their geographic reach to nearby Westchester County, NY and other suburban markets, where more attractive valuations can be found. In 2013, K5 Equities purchased a 79-unit property in Hartsdale, NY for approximately $17 million, in 2014 purchased a combination office & retail building in Mt. Vernon, NY for approximately $10 million and recently acquired a 109 unit property in Rye, NY. The principals continue to aggressively pursue their extensive network of building owners, brokers and other intermediaries to source deals and find properties that can be bought “right” with value-add and repositioning attributes.

For more information on how you can become a K5 Equities' investor, please contact Adam Kessner at 917-662-0080 or email

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